Don’t Waste Energy On Fossil Fuel Divestment

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Nick LorisBy Nicolas Loris and Marshal Wilson~

Global Divestment Day(s) take place Feb. 13-14, and a movement is afoot to encourage entities to sell their portfolios of conventional fuel stocks.

According to a new study, the strategy, known as fossil fuel divestment, would be a loser for those who participate. But more importantly, encouraging divestment ignores the massive benefits conventional fuels bring the world.

CO2 Image 03Fossil fuel divestment encourages institutions such as universities, municipalities and philanthropic institutions to shed securities that are related to coal, oil and natural gas because, according to Fossil Free, an environmental activist group, “Fossil fuel investments are a risk for both investors and the planet.”

The economic evidence indicates otherwise.

The recent analysis by Compass Lexecon looked at two different investment portfolios over a 50-year period. One portfolio included fossil-fuel-related stocks, and the other did not. The study found that on average, the portfolio…

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Vilifying Realist Science – And Scientists

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Ultra-rich Green groups attack climate scientists who question “manmade climate chaos” claims

Driessenprofile2By Paul Driessen ~

Things are not going well for Climate Chaos, Inc. The Environmental Protection Agency is implementing its carbon dioxide regulations, and President Obama wants to make more Alaska oil and gas prospects off limits. But elsewhere the climate alarm industry is under siege – and rightfully so.

Shortly after Mr. Obama warned him of imminent climate doom, Prime Minister Modi announced that India would double coal production, to bring electricity to 300 million more people.  Hydraulic fracturing has launched a new era of petroleum abundance, making it harder to justify renewable energy subsidies.

Global Warming PoliticsGlobal warming predictions have become increasingly amusing, bizarre and disconnected from real-world climate and weather. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has confessed that its true goal is transforming the world’s economy and redistributing its wealth. More people are realizing…

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