Global Warming and the Catholic Church


“Man Made” has always been faith based.

The Catholic Church
Now enters the fray,
The UN dictating
What the Pope has to say;
God pushed aside,
Left in the wings,
As the UN puppet masters
Pull the Pope’s strings.

Will Scribe Pope 01Two world-wide religions
Coming together,
But with different Gods,
Not quite birds of a feather;
One worships the real God
To which millions have prayed,
The other a false God,
The God of Man-Made.

Faith drives religion,
No facts are required,
A theological belief
Keeps followers inspired;
It’s a pity that science
Has no part to play,
But religion is religion
At the end of the day.

Will Scribe Image 11 Frame 01All Original Writings Are Copyright Protected
© Will Scribe 2015

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