Climate Alarmists – The Ultimate Snake Oil Salesmen

Real Science

Today, climate alarmists say that rain in Texas is caused by fossil fueled poisoned weather.

ScreenHunter_9474 May. 25 01.39

These same clowns were blaming the Texas drought on global warming, and predicting it would get worse.

ScreenHunter_9475 May. 25 01.43

More Drought, Heat and Water Wars: What Climate Change Already Means for Texas | StateImpact Texas

The reality is that Texas is having normal weather.

ScreenHunter_9473 May. 25 01.38

13 Sep 1952 – FLOODS FOLLOW TEXAS DROUGHT Australian Associate…

Nothing has changed one iota. The climate of Texas is exactly the same as it has always been. These people are selling snake oil – a non-existent cure for a non-existent problem.

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