ABC news asks: Is the phrase “climate change denier” offensive?

It’s not only offensive, it’s reached the point it’s abusive and I consider it hate speech.

Watts Up With That?

If you were to ask Joe Romm, Jim Hansen, Bill McKibben, Al Gore, and some of the other hard core angry people who use this word daily, they’d probably say “no”. They think nothing of it, they’ve desensitized themselves to it and use it without even thinking about it any more. It’s a sad form of commentary.

But ask reasonable and rational people who don’t have anger and angst wound up in the climate change debate, and the answer is likely to be different.

Andrew Bolt has a disturbing piece on the use of the word by Australian PM Julia Gillard, who is so far the highest level government official to use the word as far as I know. He writes:

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