The Integrity of Real Science


Hypothesis  noun  – “1. a proposition made as a basis for reasoning, without the assumption of its truth. 2. a supposition made as a starting point for further investigation from known facts. 3. a groundless assumption (Oxford Reference Dictionary)

By an unproven hypothesis,
We’ve been taken in;
Consensus and settled,
Are so much political spin.
The misinformed tricked
Into so easily believing;
Fear and ignorance, it seems,
Are so good at deceiving.

Will Scribe Integrity 01A new faith, a new religion,
Out of pseudo-science born,
And to this faith’s narrative
We’re forced to conform;
An imaginary world enemy
Out of thin air created;
Dare to challenge its existence
And you’ll be segregated.

No experimental proof,
So the hypothesis is flawed;
In the archive of failed theories
It needs to be stored.
But this is not about science,
It’s about Agenda 21,
The UN quest for world governance,
And it’s already begun.


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