The New Sunspot Data … and Satellite Sea Levels

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

I see that Dr. Nir Shaviv has a blog post up regarding the recent fixing of problems in the historical sunspot record. He put up several interesting graphs and made several interesting claims, and I wanted to comment on them. To begin with, here’s an overview of his claim about the new sunspot record:

So, what do I think about it [the new sunspot data]? First, I have no idea whether the calibration is correct. They do make a good argument that the SN reconstruction is problematic. Namely, some corrections are probably necessary and there is no reason a priori to think that what they did is invalid. However, their claim about solar activity in general not varying much since the sun came out from the Maunder minimum is wrong. There are other more objective ways to reconstruct solar activity than subjective sunspot counting, and they…

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