More On The Breathtaking NCAR Museum Climate Fraud

Real Science

As I showed yesterday, NCAR has this map showing a huge amount of winter warming in Illinois.

ScreenHunter_10201 Aug. 26 16.12

The map is fairly precise, and 100% fraudulent at the same time. Winter temperatures in Illinois did indeed rise significantly from 1975 to 2007.

ScreenHunter_2771 Aug. 27 15.17

But the long term trend is down. They intentionally cherry picked A thirty year warming period, in order to defraud their visitors into believing that a non-existent warming phenomenon is happening in Illinois.

ScreenHunter_2772 Aug. 27 15.35

Illinois has been having very cold winters, with record amounts of ice on the Great Lakes.

Ice coverage on the Great Lakes reached 85.4 percent on Feb. 18, marking the second winter in a row that ice coverage has exceeded 80 percent. This figure has fluctuated up and down slightly since then and was at 88.8 percent as of Feb. 28. Of course, last year the Great Lakes went on to record their second highest total ice…

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