An Open Letter To Amazon about the NC Desert Wind project

Watts Up With That?


To: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Mr. Bezos:

I’m an energy expert, a longtime Amazon customer, and an ardent company supporter. As such I’ve read with great interest some breathless press releases about your recent procurement into the NC Desert Wind project.

Due to your careful management Amazon is now a large, successful company, that has made many good economic decisions. During your tenure, the company has publicly portrayed itself as not only environmentally sensitive, but also concerned for the national welfare. All this makes Amazon’s involvement with the Desert Wind project quite puzzling.

After you were approached by Iberdrola to partner with them, one would assume that you utilized a battery of lawyers on your payroll to do a thorough due-diligence on the Desert Wind project — what is apparently “Amazon’s largest renewable energy project to date.” Here are some facts that question the wisdom of Amazon’s subsequent decision…

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Kathy’s Top Of The Pops At The Puff Host


By Paul Homewood


According to the Lubbock Journal:

Katharine Hayhoe’s reputation as one of the world’s leading experts on climate change continues to grow.

Hayhoe, an associate professor in the department of political science and director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech, was named to the top 10 list of environmental leaders by Huffington Post.

The Huffington Post top 10 list is part of a celebration of the organization’s 10th anniversary. Post editors sought to recognize leaders who are reshaping the environmental movement now and into the future. Hayhoe was chosen for her work in bridging the gaps in communication of climate change to the general public.

And no, it’s not April 1st!

Time then to recall some of the junk that our Kathy has come out with over the years:

1) In an interview with Yale Environment 360 back in August, which was published in the…

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The Wind Industry: Grinding to an Early Halt


DSCN0644 Suzlon S88 Gearbox adopts ‘early retirement’ plan at Jamestown, SA.


Among the grab bag of lies pedalled by wind power outfits, and especially fan makers, is that these things will run on the smell of an oily rag, without the need of so much as a shifting spanner, for more than 25 years.

The pitch is made to beguile the gullible (read, ‘planning authorities’, ‘politicians’, ‘bankers’ and ‘investors’) into believing that the costs associated with operating these things, can be readily covered out of petty cash – which fits with the other great line about there being nothing as ‘free’ as the wind.

Mechanical wear and tear, including bearing failure is one of the most common reasons for turbines to be put out of action; and is one of the key factors that accounts for the fact that the ‘economic’ life of wind turbines is 10-12 years, which runs…

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