A whole peck of prognosticated Pika trouble vanishes with a new study

This doesn’t fit the alarmist’s narrative

Watts Up With That?

Climate Change NOT Endangering Pika!

Guest essay by Jim Steele


In February 2015, I posted an essay on WUWT about why the pika, a high elevation relative of rabbits, are not endangered by climate change. I highlighted some bad science that has been deceptively used to fear monger about catastrophic global warming, falsely suggesting pika are fleeing upslope to avoid warming, and are being driven off the mountain tops into extinction by rising CO2 concentrations. Based on bad science lawyers from the Center for Biological Diversity have sued California twice and the United States once to list pika as endangered due to climate change.

After that blog post I did receive a few emails from pika experts applauding my analyses. Although they requested to remain anonymous, they advised me that one of the world’s leading pika experts, Dr. Andrew Smith whose work I referenced, would soon be publishing a…

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Climate Models Are A Farce

Real Science

Based on climate models, DMI predicts 7-8C warming during winter and spring in Greenland.

Greenland’s future climate

The DMI’s high resolution (25 km) calculations of regional climate change in and around Greenland up to 2080 based on the A1B scenario show a general temperature increase of 7-8°C in winter and spring. This is considerably more than the increase obtained with a coarse-resolution global model.

Greenland (kun engelsk): DMI

Actual temperature data from Greenland shows that the models are completely useless. Greenland’s warmest temperatures occurred around 1940, and have been plummeting towards record cold the last five years.

ScreenHunter_10294 Sep. 05 04.26ScreenHunter_10296 Sep. 05 04.28ScreenHunter_10295 Sep. 05 04.27

The 1940’s warmth is well established in the historical record.

ScreenHunter_10309 Sep. 05 05.11

06 May 1940 – Greenland’s Climate Becoming Milder

Scientists in Greenland are currently buried in 10,000 foot deep snow

ScreenHunter_10300 Sep. 05 04.37summit:status:webcam

After gaining 220 billion tons of ice during the previous 12 months, Greenland’s surface has gained 8 billion tons of snow in just the…

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Selling Snake Oil In Texas

Real Science

Last year, climate fraudsters said global warming causes drought in Texas.

ScreenHunter_2920 Sep. 04 22.38Worse global warming effects ahead for Texas, federal report says | Dallas Morning News

This year, the same pack of criminals say that global warming makes Texas wet.

ScreenHunter_2919 Sep. 04 22.34

Global warming intensified the record floods in Texas and Oklahoma | John Abraham | Environment | The Guardian

I lived on the banks of the Brazos River in Richmond, TX during the flood of 1992. The flood was at least as bad as the fake “record breaking flood” of 2015

ScreenHunter_2921 Sep. 04 22.47

51 ft. May 2015

Floods of the Brazos River in Texas.

This is what the Brazos River looked like during the actual record-breaking flood of 1913, which according to NASA was one of the coldest years ever.

download (5)

These climate criminals have absolutely no shame about ramping up the lies and contradicting themselves with every single story they write.

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The Ocean2K “Hockey Stick”

Climate Audit

The long-awaited (and long overdue) PAGES2K synthesis of 57 high-resolution ocean sediment series (OCEAN2K) was published a couple of weeks ago (see herehere). Co-author Michael Evans’ announcement made the results sound like the latest and perhaps most dramatic Hockey Stick yet:

Today, the Earth is warming about 20 times faster than it cooled during the past 1,800 years,” said Michael Evans, second author of the study and an associate professor in the University of Maryland’s Department of Geology and Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center (ESSIC). “This study truly highlights the profound effects we are having on our climate today.”

A couple of news outlets announced its release with headlines like “1,800 years of global ocean cooling halted by global warming”, but the the event passed unnoticed at realclimate and the newest “Hockey Stick” was somehow omitted from David Appell’s list of bladed objects.

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