Hilarious claim: “we know when global (cough, cough) warming first appeared in the temperature record, er, models”

Watts Up With That?

From the UNIVERSITY OF NEW SOUTH WALES (via Eurekalert) and the “Where’s Waldo?” department comes this hilarious claim. Why hilarious? Because the headline says “global warming”, yet the research says that warming appeared in different decades in different parts of the world. So much for the “global” part. But, it gets better, the money quote says the USA isn’t conforming to the expected warming signal, but, “…according to the models but it is expected they will appear in the next decade.”

And then there’s this:

Nevertheless, according to model evidence, both hot and cold extremes have already emerged across many areas.

I have to wonder, do these people even read their own press releases and apply a sanity check? Given that UNSW is the source of the Dr. Chris Turney “ship of fools” fiasco, probably not.

Researchers reveal when global warming first appeared
When global warming became clearly evident in the…

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