Green protests thwarted by cold, rainy weather

Watts Up With That?

Quebec City Climate Protest Photo from April’s Quebec City Global Warming Protest – Photo credit: © Greenpeace/Robert van Waarden (License Creative Commons “Some Rights Reserved”)

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Daily Caller – Yet another round of green protests seem to be fizzling, as protestors choose to stay warm indoors, protected by the fossil fuel powered conveniences of modern civilisation, rather than braving cold wet conditions outside.

According to the Daily Caller;

Hurricane Joaquin has really put a damper on a number of anti-global warming rallies set for this weekend at several East Coast colleges.

With Joaquin heading north, environmental activists are opting to stay indoors, curl up and read a good book this Friday and Saturday, instead of protesting rallying for more policies to fight global warming. The group Know Tomorrow has planned climate rallies at schools across the country, but cold rain and an oncoming storm likely have many reconsidering.


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