New Petition and Videos Expose and Oppose the Dangers of Climate Alarmism

Watts Up With That?


Guest essay by E. Calvin Beisner

As UN officials and climate alarmists worldwide rush toward a global agreement to limit carbon dioxide emissions to fight global warming—an agreement unsupported by sound science and that would harm the poor—the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation announces the release of a petition, Forget ‘Climate Change’, Energy Empowers the Poor and a new supporting YouTube video series, Greener on the Other Side: Climate Alarmism—Facts, Not Fear.

The Petition argues that since climate models are the only reason to fear man-made global warming, and since those models have proven wrong—predicting twice the warming observed, 95% or more predicting more warming than observed, and none predicting the absence of warming over the last 18 years and 8 months—there is no reason to fear. In contrast, current climate change policies hurt those in poverty, reducing or prohibiting access to life-giving energy, and continuing a…

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