‘Brilliant tricks’ with D cells and electromagnets save 70% on your electric bill

Watts Up With That?

You know, marketing is sometimes ridiculous, and this one is no exception. I spotted this ad over on the Sierra Club website that was obviously targeted for “low information voters”. Why? Well if you’ve any basic 4th grade science you’ll recognize this photo used as part of the ad to suck people in to looking at some solar panel scheme:

It’s a D-cell wired up to a coil of wire to create a weak electromagnet. 

Some trick.

That ad links to this page, which then goes on to tell you about another, totally unrelated, ‘brilliant trick’.


Right. What they don’t mention is that while you might save 70% on your electric bill, you’ll probably pay close to that (with some smaller savings left) to pay for the solar panels that company installed. You’ll swap one payment for another, but you surely won’t get the full 70% in savings.

‘Caveat Emptor’…

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