Bjørn Lomborg On His Lynching By The Media’s Warmists

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Bjørn Lomborg, already banned by the shameless University of Western Australia, meets the Australian media:

some in the Australian press seem to have difficulty distinguishing between journalism and campaigning, especially when they misinterpret data and make up quotes.

20101129_Lomborg Bjørn Lomborg

Ah, so clearly the topic is global warming.

Lomborg’s proposed Copenhagen Consensus Centre has been blackballed by the UWA for allegedly being warming deniers.

That would be disgusting enough, but what makes it worse is that Lomborg is banned even though he actually pays homage to the warming faith. It’s just that he doesn’t worship as whole-heartedly as the new enemies of free speech demand:

Copenhagen Consensus has existed for a decade. With more than 300 of the world’s top economists and seven Nobel laureates, we have conducted nine major research projects highlighting the costs and benefits of different investments on topics from HIV-AIDS in…

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2 thoughts on “Bjørn Lomborg On His Lynching By The Media’s Warmists

  1. Bjorn Lomborg is actually Hagar the Horrible, shaven. He is for looting the western countries, for the jet-setters, in the name of the non-existent global warming. He ”predicts” that is going to be ”less warming” WOW! and another WOW!

    For the public that sounds as: ”less dead, or less pregnant” In reality: ”global warmings / global coolings” are mythology, invented by dishonest people, for dishonest people – to con the honest but gullible – reason both camps are trying to silence each other. When somebody is confident in his theory, doesn’t do everything to ”silence” others… Here are the real proofs ”beyond any reasonable doubt”:

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    1. Looks like a good article. I’ve been trying to point out for a number of years that the way the planet currently functions, there is no way there can be “global warming”. I will have to do a more thorough reading at another time. I agree that Bjorn Lomborg has been rather wishy-washy on the issue. I would like to see him thoroughly deny catastrophic anthropogenic global warming altogether.


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