Boomerang effect: investigation of RICO climate letter signatory kicks off

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Congressional hearing [image credit: Wikipedia] Congressional hearing [image credit: Wikipedia]
NASA, NOAA and NSF have all been told by the Republican chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology to release relevant documents, as Fox News reports. Getting tough can be a two-way thing it seems.

Jagadish Shukla may be regretting he ever signed a controversial letter to President Obama. The climate scientist at George Mason University made headlines when he was the lead signatory on a letter to Obama, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the head of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy “strongly” supporting using federal racketeering laws to investigate those in the private or public sector who work with the fossil fuel industry to “undermine climate science.” 

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Deconstruction Of The Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) Hypothesis

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Guest Opinion: Dr. Tim Ball –

[Note: Some parts of this essay rely on a series of air sample chemical analysis done by Georg Beck of CO2 at the surface. I consider the air samplings as having poor quality control, and not necessarily representative of global CO2 levels at those times and locations. While the methods of chemical analysis used by Beck might have been reasonably accurate, I believe the measurements suffer from a location bias, and in atmospheric conditions that were not well mixed, and should be taken with skepticism. I offer this article for discussion, but I don’t endorse the Beck data.  – Anthony]

The failed predictions (projections) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) are proof that there is something seriously wrong with the science. A useful analogy of how to analyze what we are witnessing is that it is like coming upon a car…

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France’s Top TV Weatherman Suspended for Criticising Climate Dogma

Yep, climate change is the sacred cow… “Just a few months ago, January this year, in the wake of a horrifying terrorist attack on their offices, France rallied to support Charlie Hebdo’s freedom of expression, their freedom to satirise and speak out on sensitive issues such as religion. France prides herself that no subject is taboo. But apparently offending the Climate Taliban is a step too far – that gets you suspended from your government job.”

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Liberté, égalité, fraternité - except when it comes to climate change Liberté, égalité, fraternité – except when it comes to climate change

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t fobdangerclose and ralfellis – Philippe Verdier, weather chief at France Télévisions, the country’s state broadcaster, has been suspended for publicly criticising Climate Alarmism.

According to The Telegraph;

Every night, France’s chief weatherman has told the nation how much wind, sun or rain they can expect the following day.

Now Philippe Verdier, a household name for his nightly forecasts on France 2, has been taken off air after a more controversial announcement – criticising the world’s top climate change experts.
Mr Verdier claims in the book Climat Investigation (Climate Investigation) that leading climatologists and political leaders have “taken the world hostage” with misleading data.

In a promotional video, Mr Verdier said: “Every night I address five million French people to talk to you about the wind, the clouds and the sun. And yet there…

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How a liberal vegan environmentalist made the switch from climate proponent to climate skeptic

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Hint: He did his homework, then took himself to the other side of the debate.


Guest essay by David Siegel

siegel-pixMy name is David Siegel. I’m not a climate expert; I’m a writer. Early in 2015, I became interested in climate science and decided to spend the better part of this year trying to learn what I could. It didn’t take long before it was clear that there isn’t likely going to be any catastrophic warming this century. What was clear is that skeptics are losing this battle, and I want to tell you why.

For thirty years, James Hansen and Al Gore have been building their PR machine along with David Fenton, the wizard of nonprofit PR. They understand that the messenger is more important than the message. People don’t easily change their minds. People get their opinions from “experts” and brand names like NASA, MIT, Harvard, TIME, The…

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