Al Jazeera: Climate “deniers” costing 400,000 lives / year

Watts Up With That?

Outrageous claim from Al Jazeera about climate "denial" Outrageous claim from Al Jazeera about climate “denial”

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Al Jazeera has made an outrageous claim that climate “denial” is helping to kill 400,000 people every year.

According to Al Jazeera;

“Other conspiracy theorists make fools of themselves, but they don’t harm anyone else. That isn’t the case here. Because climate change costs lives. Climate change deniers are undermining the battle to save those lives. They may be nuts, but its still no laughing matter”.

See the video:

How can climate change possibly be killing 400,000 people per year, when the green movement can’t even produce one legitimate climate refugee?

Blaming Climate Change is a terrific scapegoat for corruption and incompetence, of which there is no shortage in many parts of the Middle East. WUWT recently reported how the former governor of Alexandria tried to blame Climate Change for the lethal floods which swept…

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