Why Revenue Neutral Isn’t, and Other Costs of the BC Tax

Why is it they think they can come up with such a fictitious term and think people will believe it means something?

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

I hope against hope that this is my last post on this lunacy. I started by foolishly saying I would write about the benefits, costs, and outcomes of the BC carbon-based energy tax, so I was stuck with doing it. I discussed the possible benefits of the tax in “British Columbia, British Utopia“. To recap the bidding from that post, I showed that if we assume 1) that the BC folks could hold their CO2 emissions steady, with absolutely no increase for 50 years, and 2) that CO2 is the secret control knob that regulates planetary temperature, and 3) climate sensitivity of the secret CO2 control knob is not less than 3°C per doubling of CO2 … assuming all of those things, they’d achieve a 0.003°C reduction in temperature in half a century. Anything less than 100% on any of those, of course…

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