COP 21 Healed The Climate

Real Science

We have undeniable proof that COP 21 and Barack Obama have healed the US climate.

US forest fire burn acreage has plummeted since the 1930’s

2015-12-13-02-48-29Indicator 3.16: Area and percent of forest affected by abiotic agents

US tornado deaths have plummeted to record lows since the 1930’s.

tornado-deaths-graph-12.15-revTwisters Give Nation a Pass in 2015: Lowest Death Toll on Record? | Dr. Jeff Masters’ WunderBlog

The frequency and extent of hot weather has plummeted in the US since the 1930’s


The huge improvement in the US climate since the 1930’s can only be attributed to the healing powers of the great prophet Obama, and his revival meeting in Paris.


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