EU probe into British Drax Biomass Subsidies

Watts Up With That?

Northeast of Drax, author Paul Glazzard, source Wikimedia Northeast of Drax, author Paul Glazzard, source Wikimedia

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

The British Drax biomass plan has received a substantial setback. The Drax project is a plan to “save” the environment by chopping down vast tracts of forest in the USA and Canada, shipping the wood to Britain, and burning it in a modified coal plant. But the government subsidies Drax negotiated to make this scheme profitable, have attracted negative attention from European regulators.

According to The Telegraph;

Blow to Drax biomass plan as EC launches state aid investigation

European Commission raises concerns that proposed subsidies for biomass conversion may be too generous.

Drax’s hopes of securing lucrative subsidies for its biomass conservion have suffered a setback after the European Commission launched a full state aid investigation over concerns the payments may be too generous.

The Yorkshire-based power plant is in the process of switching from burning coal…

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