The Playing Field Isn’t Remotely Level

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Climate skeptics don’t hire advertising agencies to help them manage their brand. Green groups do. So tell me again which side is lavishly funded?

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It’s a long weekend here in Canada. The sun in shining and my garden beckons. But here I am at my desk, catching up on the latest developments.

According to environmentalists, the climate debate is David against Goliath. They fancy themselves in the role of David and believe they’re losing ground because they’re up against a well-orchestrated, funded-by-the-fossil-fuel-industry campaign.

Anyone who thinks about this for three minutes knows it’s a foolish analysis. In the entire world there’s a grand total of one organization solely devoted to discussing climate change from a skeptic perspective: the UK’s Global Warming Policy Foundation. One. The last I heard its office was staffed by – drumroll, please – two people.

Yes, the Heartland Institute and other…

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Beware the Green Lobby

Big Picture News, Informed Analysis

Nothing we do to protect the environment will ever be good enough. Like the Nazgûl in The Lord of the Rings, green lobbyists are relentless.

“They will never stop hunting you.”

Green lobbyists are a problem. There’s nothing small or cuddly about these organizations. They went corporate long ago. Now they’re all about power, influence, and tons of money. The Nature Conservancy, the WWF, the Sierra Club, the David Suzuki Foundation, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Climate Action Network, Ecojustice, Environmental Defence. The list goes on and on.

These entities scold, slander, condemn, and insult us. We imbibe their message with our mother’s milk: nature is the victim, human beings are the villains.

Green lobbyists will never be even-handed, philosophical, big picture thinkers. Decades of activism, sympathetic media coverage, and trillions in government spending have spawned a vast legal framework and a mountain of red tape protecting the non-human…

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