Explosive: United Nations IPCC Climate Models Looking more like a Trillion Dollar Hoax, hardly science, more like crime

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Trees found in Europe have increased global warming, a new study finds.


Six months ago we find out that Scientists behind assumptions in IPPC climate models had fudged their figures by using a flawed process to estimate the number of trees on the earth, they now admit there are over 3 Trillion trees on the planet whereas based on earlier satellite imagery their assumptions built into the UN IPCC approved Models promoted as settled science included an estimate of only 400 billion. oops small error.

Late last year we also were told that oops China the biggest emitter of anthropogenic CO2 had been fudging the figures by under reporting the amount of coal it has been burning by about 17% and reporting its total emissions by 20% to 40%.

(check this link and related stories below)http://www.academia.edu/18099422/Revisiting_Chinas_CO_emissions_after_the_Transport_and_Chemical_Evolution_over_the_Pacific_TRACE-P_mission_Synthesis_of_inventories_atmospheric_modeling_and_observations

So we now know that at least two of the most assumptions relating to fundamental elements…

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