Mauna Loa Daily Meteorology

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

As a confirmed data junkie, I’m fond of hourly data. The interesting processes in the climate system unfold on the scale of minutes and hours, not years. So I picked up a project I’d started a while ago, but as is too often the case I’d gotten sidetractored by … oooh, shiny … and I’d forgotten about it until I stumbled across my code again.

This project was looking at the hourly averages of various meteorological variables measured at the observatory on Mauna Loa, Hawaii. This is the same place that the CO2 data has been measured since 1959. The data is available here.

To start with, here is the daily temperature at three different altitudes—2 metres, 10 metres, and 35 metres.

average daily cycle temperature mauna loa observatoryFigure 1. Daily cycle of average temperatures at three different altitudes above the ground.

There were some interesting parts of this to me…

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