Stephen Wilde: The Myth of ‘Backradiation’

Tallbloke's Talkshop

The Myth of ‘Backradiation’.

Stephen Wilde

1) The so called ‘consensus’ theory of the Greenhouse Effect.

At some point over the past twenty years or so it has come to be believed that the physics of radiation is the primary driving process for planetary atmospheric temperatures.

I do not know how or when that happened but it is contrary to the settled science that I grew up with some 40 years ago.

The idea is that certain gases in the atmosphere known as Greenhouse Gases absorb and emit more radiation than the other, majority, gases such as Oxygen and Nitrogen which make up the vast bulk of Earth’s atmosphere.

Consequently it is proposed that such Greenhouse Gases block radiation emanating from the Earth’s surface from escaping to space and re- radiate a proportion of such upward radiation back to the surface which then becomes warmer than it otherwise would have…

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