Historical Note: Greenwich, England Mean Temperature, 35-yr Daily Averages 1815-1849

Watts Up With That?

Guest Essay by Kip Hansen

While researching for a future essay tentatively titled “Whither Original Measurement Error?”, I have been reading up on the origins of the modern meteorological thermometer. Fascinating stuff, those early scientific instrument makers and their creativity and engineering skills.

I came across an interesting little [e]book that was just the sort of thing I was looking for, written by John Henry Belville in 1850, who started work at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, Kent, England, in 1811 as a meteorologist and was still at it 35 years later. Here I reproduce the Title Page and Preface from his book:

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Watts Up With Nuuk?

Watts Up With That?

As regular readers know, I have more photographs and charts of weather stations on my computer than I have pictures of my family. A sad commentary to be sure, but necessary for what I do here.

Steve Goddard points out this NASA GISS graph of the Annual Mean Temperature data at Godthab Nuuk Lufthavn (Nuuk Airport) in Greenland. It has an odd discontinuity:

Source data is here

The interesting thing about that end discontinuity is that is is an artifact of incomplete data. In the link to source data above, GISS provides the   Annual Mean Temperature (metANN) in the data, before the year 2010 is even complete:

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