Carbon Tax Hoaxsters Snare Trump Followers with Fake PR

Don’t believe it

Watts Up With That?

Of course today is April Fools Day, and all sorts of shenanigans are about. This is why I ran my Friday Funny yesterday, because I didn’t want it taken for a prank. With Carbon Tax proponents, it’s just another day of pulling the wool over your eyes. Today, an outfit called “Carbon Pulse” created a fake news story saying Donald Trump wants to pass a carbon tax to pay for a wall on the Mexican border.

A nationwide carbon tax could raise enough revenues to fund the construction of a wall between the US and Mexico, Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump announced Friday morning in a surprise policy U-turn on the climate change issue.

Yeah right, it doesn’t pass the smell test.

Here’s a screencap of the article.


A couple of outlets picked it up, and there’s been some Twitterring about it.

If they’d bother to read the last…

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The New Dark Age – Exploiting Faith to Coerce Climate Obedience

Watts Up With That?

Women picking from the barren, stubble-field the scattering blades the reapers have left behind. Women picking from the barren, stubble-field the scattering blades the reapers have left behind. Public Domain, source Wikimedia

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Climate worriers appear to be increasingly looking for ways to exploit people’s religious faith, to coerce ordinary people into accepting green destitution; into abandoning mechanised transport, into letting farmland return to wilderness.

Can imams drive action on climate change in Pakistan?

Imams and other religious leaders are an under-used means of pushing action to combat climate change, experts and religious scholars say.

Religious leaders have the moral standing to call on people and businesses to consider the environmental impact of their activities and take a bigger role in reducing their own carbon footprints and finding ways to cope with the growing impacts of climate change, experts said at a multi-faith meeting in Islamabad.

Maulana Tahir Ashrafi, central chairman of the Pakistan Ulema Council – the country’s council…

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