Environmentalist Manifesto

Science Matters

Obama and other Western political leaders keep saying that Climate Change is the biggest threat to modern society. I am coming around to agree with him, but not in the way he is thinking. I mean there is fresh evidence that we can defeat radical Islam, but we are already losing to radical environmentalism.

The Environmentalist Game Plan

Mission: Deindustrialize Civilization

Goal: Drive industrial corporations into Bankruptcy

Strategy: Cut off the Supply of Cheap, Reliable Energy


  • Raise the price of fossil fuels
  • Force the power grid to use expensive, unrelible renewables
  • Demonize Nuclear energy
  • Spread fear of extraction technologies such as fracking
  • Increase regulatory costs on energy production
  • Scare investors away from carbon energy companies
  • Stop pipelines because they are too safe and efficient
  • Force all companies to account for carbon usage and risk


  • UK steel plants closing their doors.
  • UK coal production scheduled to cease this year.

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Scientists Recycling The Identical Fraud, Decade After Decade

Don’t alarmists ever get tired of “crying ‘wolf'”?

Real Science

Experts say that global warming will make the West Antarctic Ice Sheet collapse in 250 years, and it is your fault!

Screenshot 2016-04-03 at 12.51.37 AM

Another warning on global warming: West Antarctic ice sheet could collapse, causing massive sea level rise | Christian News on Christian Today

Thirty-five years ago experts said it would happen in only 200 years. Apparently they have granted Earth an 85 year long reprieve.

Screenshot 2016-04-03 at 12.58.05 AM-down

7 Jan 1981, Page 19 – at Newspapers.com

Besides the fact that they are incompetent and plagiarizing prior research, they are also lying. Scientists have known for 40 years that it has nothing to do with the climate.


23 Jan 1977, Page 13 – at Newspapers.com

It is bad enough that they are lying about the cause, but they are hiding the fact that this process has been going on for nearly 200 years, and possibly much longer.


21 Jul 1932 – A Warmer World. –…

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How Much Of Global Temperature Increase Is Due To El Niño? — Watts Up With That?

Guest opinion: Dr. Tim Ball Bob Tisdale wrote an “April Fools” article about the extreme nature of the 1998 El Niño. It was clever and humorous, but also fulfills Shakespeare’s observation that, “Jesters do oft prove prophets.” It is widely accepted that global temperature rose in 1998, and the rise is attributed to El Niño. […] … Continue reading How Much Of Global Temperature Increase Is Due To El Niño? — Watts Up With That?