Mann’s Climate Madhouse Effect

Actually, it’s the alarmism that is doing it. You have kids who are afraid to drink water for fear of causing drought.

Watts Up With That?

From Mike Mann’s Facebook page:

Cover of my new book w/ Tom Toles due out in September, “The ‪#‎MadHouseEffect‬: How Climate Change Denial is Threatening our Planet, Destroying our Politics, and Driving us Crazy”


I’d say when it comes to being driven crazy, it’s too late for Dr. Mann, because Barack O’Bama says:


It’s the heat, not the humility, apparently. Mann’s book will likely be a howler, not because it will be funny, but because Mann’s so dead pan humorless, his attempt at being humorous will likely backfire just as badly as his attempts to conjure statistically significant warming trends from dead trees. He’ll need more than just “Mike’s Nature Trick” to pull that off.  I’m sure he’ll take some potshots at all the usual players, including Mark Stein, and maybe yours truly.

Meanwhile, Mann already has the book on his curriculum vitae, even though it’s…

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