Inconvenient: AGU defies #Exxonknew critics, votes to continue relationship with ExxonMobil

I’m glad someone has some courage to stand up to the critics.

Watts Up With That?

The largest geophysical union in the world, the American Geophyscial Union, has decided to continue a relationship with Exxon amid all the #Exxonknew attacks that are going on. This sends a strong message to people that would seek to punish others for holding an alternate viewpoint on climate change and for not having the same viewpoint. I’m a member, and this came in my email today. – Anthony


AGU Board Votes to Continue Relationship with ExxonMobil and to Accept Sponsorship Support

Dear AGU Member,

As you know from my previous messages, the question of AGU’s relationship with ExxonMobil (and our relationship with the larger oil and gas industry) has been a topic of great discussion for the last few months. When the most recent request to end ExxonMobil sponsorship and address questions about how our community should respond to the urgency of climate change was received in February, in…

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