RIP Dr. William Gray – hurricane forecast pioneer, climate skeptic

Watts Up With That?

Esteemed Hurricane Forecast Pioneer William Gray Dies at 86 photo -AP William Gray Dies at 86 on April 16th, 2016 photo – AP

I knew this was coming, as I had a heads-up from Joe D’Aleo last week that the end was nearing. I knew Dr. Bill Gray through my work in climate, and from attending conferences. He always had a good word for me, and when I encountered him in person, he was fond of parodying the “Wayne’s World” skit where they meet Alice Cooper backstage and get on their knees and chant “I’m not worthy…I’m not worthy”. He’d actually do that with me. It was endearing, yet at the same time a little bit embarrassing, because I was the one who really should be doing that in his presence. I always found myself saying “please Bill, stop that!”, to which he’d get back on his feet and give me a chuckle with that toothy grin of his..


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“A Lighter Shade of Gray”

Watts Up With That?

Bill Gray at the ICCC9 conference at Las Vegas in 2014.

In WUWT’s announcement of the passing of Dr. Gray, Phil Klotzbach commented that he and a colleague were writing a post with their reminiscences of their times with Dr. Gray.  Phil and Brian McNoldy have posted it now, see it at the Capital Weather Gang’s blog.

A couple fragments confirmed my suspicion that working with Dr. Gray must have been both exhausting and exhilarating.

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