Jim O’Donnell: the Great Wind Power Fraud is a Rich Man’s Game & the Poor End Up Paying


warren-buffett The poor get the “picture”, while Warren Buffett just gets richer.

The following talk by Jim O’Donnell, Professor Emeritus of Business and Economics, Huntington University, was given to the Huntington County Planning Commission.

The Economics of Wind Energy
James O’Donnell
12 November 2014

Local Business & Economics Professor Urges Huntington County Plan Commission to Not Allow Wind Farms

I’m speaking tonight as an adopted son of Huntington Co. But as that adopted son, I have struggled to understand why my chosen homeland would develop wind energy in the southeast part of the county.

I guess it’s for the tax revenue, the few jobs that will come with it, and the lease payments to the several farmers who will permit turbines on their land. But as an investor and economist, I feel a little like the auto mechanic who’s being shown a car that a good customer wants to buy…

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Particulates, Aerosols, And Climate: The More Important Story

More insanity.

Watts Up With That?

Guest opinion: Dr. Tim Ball [1]

The article “US Senate Considering Albedo Modification Geoengineering Proposal”appeared as I finished this article. It commented on the plan to introduce particles into the atmosphere to increase the reflective capability of the Earth’s atmosphere known as the albedo. Most responses correctly identified it as unwise. Isn’t it already happening? Jet contrails from commercial airline flights reduce the amount of sunlight that makes it to the surface, as this satellite image shows:

Jet contrails as seen by satellite. Credit NASA Langley Research Center Jet contrails as seen by satellite. Credit: NASA Langley Research Center

The Senate proposal is not new. In 2009, John Holdren pushed the same idea as a Daily Mail story headlined “Obama may fire pollution particles into stratosphere to deflect sun’s heat in desperate bid to tackle global warming” (Figure 1).

The controversial experiment was touted yesterday as a possible last resort to help cool the Earth’s air by the president’s…

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Superstition Is Occurring With Alarming Frequency In The US

Real Science

The New York Times believes that a warm Christmas in New York proves global warming, and that “Record-breaking temperatures are occurring with alarming frequency in the United States.


Global Warming Feels Quite Pleasant – The New York Times

Like everything else the New York Times writes about climate, this claim is complete nonsense. The frequency of maximum daily temperature records in the US peaked in the 1930’s – and have generally declined since then.


For stations with history extending back to at least 1930, almost all US all-time temperature records occurred before 1940.


Last Christmas was the warmest on record in New York, beating 1982 by two degrees.


Valentines Day this year was the coldest on record in New York.


Last year January through March was the coldest in New York City since 1934.


This is a typical content-free climate article for the New York Times. The author obviously…

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