US Democrat – John Rodgers Slams the Great Wind Power Fraud & Wind Industry Corruption


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Vermont Democrat Announces “Wind Turbines Do Not Belong In Vermont, Period:”
Pierre Gosselin
13 December 2015

The online Vermont news site Vermont Digger here presents a commentary by Vermont state Senator John Rodgers who represents my childhood home county of Orleans, and Essex county as well.

vermont Lowell-Wind-Park

Photo: Industrializing Vermont’s idyllic landscape. Cropped from video by Green Mountain Power Corp.

Senator Rodgers has had it with industrial wind energy ruining his state’s environment, announcing:

“I will join with the growing number of Vermonters who have concluded that industrial wind turbines do not belong in Vermont, period.”

As a consequence, in 2016 Rodgers plans to introduce a bill that would ban industrial wind turbines, sending them the way of the billboard. Rodgers position illustrates the rapidly growing resistance to industrial wind parks erected on Vermont’s idyllic Green Mountains.

“Devastating” impact

Recently nearby wind-parks in Sheffield and Lowell have driven…

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How Wind Power Outfits ‘Grease’ Their Way to Planning Approvals



Every politician has a price, and the wind industry has the uncanny ability of naming it and, when the need arises, stumping it up.

Not necessarily in brown paper bags, though – so-called ‘political donations’ often do the ‘trick’. But there have been plenty of cases where outright bribery has been employed to put the wind industry where it needs to be, politically speaking (see our post here).

Now, it would remiss not to point out that corruption pervades the business/political world in general, but there’s something about the wind industry that makes political ‘grease’ an essential part of its existence. And which generates a particular kind of stench that will easily outlast religion.

The critical need for bribes and donations probably has something to do with the fact that what’s on sale has NO commercial value, save the massive and seemingly endless subsidies these things attract.


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Help launch ‘Tar Sands Messiah’- A film by Tim Moen

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Tar Sands Messiah- A film by Tim Moen – September 19th

In which a Fort McMurray environmentalist goes to Los Angeles to render judgement on the movie industry and shut down the city for its crimes against the environment and teach them the more productive, eco-friendly ways of his people. Along the way he will bring them his own technology ie. the “Smart Car” of dog sledding so they may rid themselves of internal combustion engines, a carbon capture device for joggers so that their excess CO2 emissions need not contribute to global warming.

A satirical movie with a serious message; is demonizing, condescension and hypocrisy the way to solve problems?

tarsands-messiahWho is Tim Moen?

Tim Moen is a filmmaker and proud resident of Fort McMurray, AB in the heart of the Canadian Oil Sands. Over the past decade Tim has filmed around the world in places like Africa and…

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Fort McMurray Wildfire – Climate or Incompetence?

Watts Up With That?

2016 Fort McMurray wildfire. Large flames and heavy smoke surround congested Highway 63 South. 2016 Fort McMurray wildfire. Large flames and heavy smoke surround congested Highway 63 South. By DarrenRDFile:Landscape view of wildfire near Highway 63 in south Fort McMurray.jpg, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

The climate vultures are gathering – already attempts are being made to link the out of control Fort McMurray wildfire in Alberta, Canada with “climate change”. But there is something about this disaster which caught my eye – a comment which may hint to a very different reason, why the Fort McMurray wildfire is so out of control.

‘We are in for a rough day’: Fort McMurray wildfire expected to flare up Tuesday afternoon

EDMONTON — The wildfire burning just outside Fort McMurray more than doubled in size Monday evening, and fire crews warned Tuesday’s weather conditions will likely be the greatest challenge yet.

Thick, ominous plumes of smoke filled the…

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