The Fraud of the Atmospheric Greenhouse Effect Part 4: Heat Flow

Climate of Sophistry

As we have discussed, climate scientists artificially invent an atmospheric greenhouse  effect by the simple expedient of artificially reducing the actual power of sunshine from its high temperature, into something else meaninglessly low.  In a very significant way, climate scientists reverse the actual flow of energy from the Sun and through the Earth system, such that what are climatic cooling effects from weather in the proper direction, turns into an artificial self-heating mechanism from the same climate in the reverse direction.

A point on “climate science”:  As we have already identified that mainstream climate science is based on fiction and making things up, we shouldn’t actually be doing the honor of calling it “science”, since it isn’t.  (Of course, this is what all the alarm and the vilification of the beneficial plant food carbon dioxide is all based upon.)  So from now on, I will try to always remember to…

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The Hydro Flask Challenge to Anthropogenic Climate Change

Climate of Sophistry

(Guest article contribution by: Dan Fauth)

If you’ve ever used a Hydro Flask, you are probably as enamored with this product as I am.  Hydro Flask makes the claim that their containers will keep your chilled beverage cold for up to 24 hours and your heated beverage warm for 6-12 hours.  By my experience, this is not an exaggeration.  Imagine the pleasure of indulging in 40 ounces of ice cold beer at the end of a six hour hike into desert wilderness.  In fact, don’t imagine it, do it!  So good!


In this paper, I am going to reveal the secret of the Hydro Flask.  In order to do so, I must subject you to a fair bit of science.

To understand what it takes to keep things hot for 6-12 hours compared to keeping things cold for 24 hours requires a basic understanding of thermodynamics.  Sadly, much of…

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