Negative Climate Feedbacks are Real and Large

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Leland Park

Global warming theories propose positive feedbacks to explain magnified greenhouse effects that might trigger catastrophic warming. Naturally, any clues in temperature observations that might indicate feedback would be of great interest to climate science.

It turns out that climate feedback is very real, large and negative.

Climate Cause and Effect.

The concept of feedbacks presupposes a dynamic system in which cause and effect are linked through a consistent timing relationship. Thus, evidence of climate operating as a system, if it exists, should be found in comparing a cause of climate behavior with its effects. It is well known that solar energy is a dominant factor in the climate. Thus, the timing relationship between solar levels and temperatures might provide insight into climate cause and effect timing.

Figure 1 is a seasonal timeline of US average daily highs (Tmax) for US HCN stations at 36 degrees…

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