Dr Vincent Gray On The Cause Of Global Warming

The following came via e-mail on the 14th of January from by Dr Vincent Gray.  Dr Gray, a Wellingtonian, with the NZ Climate Science Coalition, who featured in Dr Michael Coffman’s documentary Global Warming or Global Governance?,  has worked as a reviewer with the IPCC since its inception. According to Dr Gray none of the evidence presented by IPCC confirms a relationship between emissions of greenhouse gases and any harmful effect on the climate.


This was the title of a lecture I delivered to the Wellington Branch of the Royal Society of New Zealand on 22nd November 2000.

The lecture can be found at: http://www.john-daly.com/cause/cause.htm

It was subsequently published as: Gray, V R.The Cause of Global Warming Energy & Environment 11 (6),  613-629 2001.

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