Geothermal for Alberta? A Case for Caution.

Friends of Science Calgary

CANGEA – the Canadian Geothermal Energy Association – has been making a concerted case for the development of Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) in Alberta. They propose to use existing abandoned oil wells and repurpose them for geothermal electricity power production (at low temperatures) and as sites for geothermal heat exchange for local heating – such as building a greenhouse above or adjacent to the well.

In this report, Geothermal Alberta A Cause for Caution June 20 2016 Friends of Science Society reviews the potential of geothermal in Alberta and explores the differences between geothermal in well-known spots like Iceland and the differences in Canada that make geothermal a less likely power producer for Alberta.

Additional literature is reviewed regarding various Enhanced Geothermal Systems around the world

.geothermal for alberta cover

This is intended to be a plain-language document for the average reader though the information has been compiled with the assistance and direction…

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