Brexit: Greenpeace, FOE fears a “Bonfire” of Green Regulations

Watts Up With That?


Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Evidence is mounting that Brexit, and possible “contagion” of the British exit from the EU, the empowerment of nationalist movements throughout Europe demanding their own exit referenda, is the worst nightmare come true for green groups which had been counting on the bureaucratic authoritarianism of the European Union to bind democratically elected politicians to strong green policies.

Brexit: Environmentalists fear ‘bonfire’ of regulations designed to fight climate change and protect wildlife

Remain campaigners have argued that EU legislation has helped towards tackling water and air pollution, protect endangered species and imposed tough safeguards on the use of genetically modified crops and potentially dangerous chemicals.

Regulations set in place to help fight climate change and protect Britain’s wildlife may be destroyed following the Brexit result, top environmentalists have warned.

Reacting to the vote to leave the European Union, charity groups and climate change campaigners said the…

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