Union of Concerned Scientists makes shameless ploy for $2 million to protect #RICO 20

Watts Up With That?

From the “Kenji is not pleased” department. Can you imagine the wailing and caterwauling if say, Heartland or The Competitive Enterprise Institute tried something like this? In my opinion, the only thing related to “science” at UCS is their name, but clearly by their actions they are a political organization, and nothing else. After all, they welcomed a dog as a member, so they can’t be that picky about science credentials for members; anyone goes as long as they have a valid credit card. Even their mission statement is a ploy for money:


It is interesting that they don’t see their own hypocrisy about censorship, as they routinely say alternate viewpoints on climate science should be censored, siding with the “ExxonKnew” crowd.

This new ploy for money was sent to me today, all the “take action” links (code for Donate Now) have been removed:

Stop attacks on science…

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