Alberta Government Subsidies to Wind and Solar Will Cost YOU Billion$

Friends of Science Calgary

By Michelle Stirling, Communications Manager @May 2015 in consultation with power generation industry experts

Pembina Institute recently blogged that:

“The challenge for renewable energy projects is not securing the fuel, the sun and wind are free. [Bold added]…”

Pembina goes on to explain that the Alberta Climate Leadership plans says:

two-thirds of Alberta’s [existing coal-fired power] generating capacity will be replaced by renewable energy, one-third will be replaced by natural gas.”

Stop right there. That might be what the Climate Leadership plan says, but practically speaking Alberta’s existing coal-fired capacity will have to be replaced 100% by natural gas, because wind and solar are intermittent forms of power generation.  Sometimes wind and solar can generate 100% power – and sometimes nothing at all. But consumers expect on-demand power 100% of the time – with no power quality issues like surges, drops or brown-outs.

Pembina makes a point of…

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