Pre- and Post-Feedback Sensitivity

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

I must thank my friend, the irrepressible, irascible, highly improbable, sometimes infuriating but always fascinating Lord Christopher Moncton, for his essay yclept “IPCC has at least doubled true climate sensitivity: a demonstration“. His claims and musings, while not always correct, are invariably interesting and bring up lots of relevant questions and mathematical conundra. They generally make me say either “good, Lord” or “good Lord!”, and they often lead me to interesting research. Here’s what I found out this time.

Lord Monckton says that the IPCC has overestimated climate sensitivity. The crux of his argument revolves around the “Planck feedback” parameter. The Planck feedback is how much the outgoing longwave radiation of the globe increases per degree of increased temperature. It is an important number because the Planck feedback is the negative reciprocal of the pre-feedback climate sensitivity, which Lord Monckton calls lambda_0 (λ) in…

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