A Culture of Laziness: Why We Must Act

The Rouser

As conservatives, we have very strong, clearly defined values. Whether taught to you by the church, your parents or discovered from within yourself, you know that all men were created equal. You understand the value of human life, and you hold freedom above all else.

Liberals don’t. Liberals either don’t have the same values that we do, or they are willing to compromise them for what they perceive is the ‘greater good.’ They do not have the same philosophy that we do. Whether they are well-meaning in their intentions or not, we believe that we are right and they are wrong—nothing in between.

Your philosophy defines how you live your life. Our laws and policies are all based on our philosophy. I have heard far too many of my peers—and even more shameful—adults say that they were not interested in politics. Does that mean you are not interested in your…

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