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New report-“Dire Consequences: Destroying Alberta’s Affordable Power Advantage”


Supplementary Data/Graphs


Affordable energy is an Alberta Advantage, one we have enjoyed for years, thanks to an abundant, high-quality coal supply (which Albertans own), willing investors, responsible industry and ever-improving, sensible air quality regulations and mitigation techniques.

Energy runs through every aspect of modern society.  Reliable, safe, low-cost energy enables our robust health, our economic well-being, and high environmental standards.

We challenge the claims of the Alberta government and anti-coal activist advisors like the Pembina Institute and their recent report “Breathing in the Benefits.” The problem with affordable, reliable energy is like the Joni Mitchell song: “…you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” 

However, if the Alberta NDP government is going to make drastic changes to the electrical power system, the public should be well informed of the facts prior to agreeing to change a system that is…

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Entire state of South Australia has power black out because of flawed climate change energy policy

Watts Up With That?

Governor Brown has California on same “dark ages” renewable energy path as South Australia

Guest essay by Larry Hamlin


The entire state of South Australia suffered a complete power black out on Wednesday September 28  plugging it’s nearly 1.7 million residents, communities and businesses into darkness.

Loss of available power from transmissions lines feeding the region from other states coupled with South Australia’s ill-considered climate change energy policy of forced shutdown of the states operating coal plants to promote heavy use of renewable energy created this latest power debacle.


Last July the state barely averted energy black outs when reduced outside electrical energy supplies forced huge and costly purchases of needed power to restore electrical system reliability.(http://theconversation.com/south-australias-electricity-price-woes-are-more-due-to-gas-than-wind-62824)


The forced shutdown of operating coal plants and mandated increased use of renewables had significantly increased energy costs to consumers by eliminating production from low cost power plants while increasing…

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Wind Industry Pummels Pupils with Wind-Cult Propaganda in Schools


Infigen windy & gusto

The wind industry could never be accused of laying idle when it comes to its propaganda war. The search for the gullible starts in schools, as with the wind-cult program pitched by Australia’s most notorious wind power outfit Infigen, which it called ‘myfuture’ (see our post here).

The same tactics are on the loose in the UK, where wind spinners have placed designs on young and naive minds with lovable little whirling wonders like Tommy the turbine and Timmy the Turbine.

In a timely counterattack, STT Champion, Lindsay Ward has teamed up with master cartoonist, Josh in an effort to disinfect the ground poisoned by a class that would make Joseph Goebbels blush with their endless lies and audacity.

Here’s Lindsay speaking with ABC Ballarat’s Steve Martin on his Breakfast radio show about her tonic for wind industry spin.





Tiny the Turbine helps fight back the…

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Is the Arctic sea ice ‘spiral of death’ dead?

Climate Etc.

by Greg Goodman

This year, as every year, there has been much excitement in the media about ‘catastrophic’ melting of Arctic sea-ice, run-away melting, tipping points, death spirals and “ice-free” summers.

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The “Alice-in-Wonderland” consensus position

Trust, yet verify

alice in wonderland

Advancing to the introduction of the “Alice In Wonderland” paper of Lewandowsky/Cook/Lloyd and already in the second sentence I bump into this (my emphasis):

… the consensus position that global warming is happening, is human caused, and presents a global problem is shared by more than 95 % of domain experts and more than 95 % of relevant articles in the peer-reviewed literature (Anderegg et al. 2010; Cook et al. 2013, 2016; Doran and Zimmerman 2009; Oreskes 2004; Shwed and Bearman 2010).

… presents a global problem …

… shared by more than 95 % of domain experts and more than 95 % of relevant articles in the peer-reviewed literature …


I have read the Anderegg 2010, Cook 2013, Doran & Zimmerman 2009 and Oreskes 2004 papers and at that time I found nothing of that kind. In none of those papers participants were asked whether they considered…

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Carbon credit climate scam: the fraud prosecutions begin

Watts Up With That?

Guest opinion by Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

The London Evening Standard has a very interesting story today (20 September 2016) describing the first day of a professor’s fraud trial at Southwark Crown Court, London, for operating an alleged £60 million climate-related tax dodge.

The story, headed World-famous conservationist “was part of £60 million eco-projects tax scam”, says prosecutors allege that Professor Ian Swingland, a “renowned conservationist” who collected an Order of the British Empire from the Queen in 2007, together with four accomplices, had helped investors avoid tax on £170 million of income during a three-year “scam”.

Swingland, 69, founded the “Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology” in 1989 at the University of Kent. It is now described as “a world-leading research facility into biodiversity, communities and sustainable development”.

Julian Christopher QC, prosecuting, said: “They were opportunities to invest in research designed to counteract the effects of climate change and…

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Polar bear tragedy porn dressed up as science features in new BBC Earth video


This new effort by the BBC would make the PR department of the Center for Biological Diversityproud, with it’s prominent use of animal tragedy porn pretending to be science. In contrast, the actual science shows something quite different: though summer sea ice since 2007 has declined to levels not predicted until 2040-2070, there has been virtually no negative impact on polar bear health or survival, a result no one predicted back in 2005.


Bizarrely entitled A 3-million-year ice age is coming to an end (15 September 2016), this slick video pretends it’s promoting the recently released paper by Harry Stern and Kristen Laidre (2016) that got a lot of media attention last week (see here and here).

Who exactly suggested the profound prophesy stated in their chosen title, the BBC Earth folks don’t say: the Stern and Laidre paper certainly does not. And the use of…

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