Chinese Sunspots

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

I see that there is a new paper from China causing a great disturbance in the solar force … as discussed here on WUWT, the claim is that the El Nino Modoki Index, which is an index of sea surface temperatures, is significantly affected by some sunspot-related solar variable.

The first problem with their study is that the sea surface temperature (SST) “data” they have used to establish the relationship is not data as we understand it. It is not observations. It is not measurements of the actual sea surface temperature (SST). It is not stout-hearted men of oak going out and dipping up a bucket of water and inserting a thermometer.

Instead, their sea surface temperature “data” is the output of a climate model, a type called a reanalysis model. This reanalysis model is “tested” and adjusted by comparing it with the output of…

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