Wind Industry Pummels Pupils with Wind-Cult Propaganda in Schools


Infigen windy & gusto

The wind industry could never be accused of laying idle when it comes to its propaganda war. The search for the gullible starts in schools, as with the wind-cult program pitched by Australia’s most notorious wind power outfit Infigen, which it called ‘myfuture’ (see our post here).

The same tactics are on the loose in the UK, where wind spinners have placed designs on young and naive minds with lovable little whirling wonders like Tommy the turbine and Timmy the Turbine.

In a timely counterattack, STT Champion, Lindsay Ward has teamed up with master cartoonist, Josh in an effort to disinfect the ground poisoned by a class that would make Joseph Goebbels blush with their endless lies and audacity.

Here’s Lindsay speaking with ABC Ballarat’s Steve Martin on his Breakfast radio show about her tonic for wind industry spin.





Tiny the Turbine helps fight back the…

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