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New report-“Dire Consequences: Destroying Alberta’s Affordable Power Advantage”


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Affordable energy is an Alberta Advantage, one we have enjoyed for years, thanks to an abundant, high-quality coal supply (which Albertans own), willing investors, responsible industry and ever-improving, sensible air quality regulations and mitigation techniques.

Energy runs through every aspect of modern society.  Reliable, safe, low-cost energy enables our robust health, our economic well-being, and high environmental standards.

We challenge the claims of the Alberta government and anti-coal activist advisors like the Pembina Institute and their recent report “Breathing in the Benefits.” The problem with affordable, reliable energy is like the Joni Mitchell song: “…you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” 

However, if the Alberta NDP government is going to make drastic changes to the electrical power system, the public should be well informed of the facts prior to agreeing to change a system that is…

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