#PodestaEmails – Green group asks Hillary campaign manager to ‘put pressure on TV networks’ to link severe weather and climate

Watts Up With That?

From the “say anything” department, comes this email where the League of Conservation Voters asks Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta to “…help us pressure the evening news programs at CBS, NBC, and ABC to make climate science central to their extreme weather coverage this year?”.


The second half of the email is a form letter, and it says:

This is ridiculous.

From record-breaking heat waves and massive wildfires to historic droughts and Superstorm Sandy, we’ve seen with our own eyes the increasing severity and frequency of extreme weather events this past year. Yet in reporting on these disastrous events, the nightly news programs at the major broadcast networks have largely ignored what is fueling this extreme weather – climate change.

As the effects of climate change cause hardship for families across America, we need better coverage if we want people to connect the dots and demand real action to curb…

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America’s Wind Power Cult: Hitler-Like Hypocrites Out to Wreck the Environment & the Economy


bill-mckibben Bill McKibben: fascism has a new name.


The wind power zealot is a psychoanalyst’s nightmare. Driven by infantile ideology, fuelled by hypocritical passion for a technology abandoned centuries ago for obvious reasons and drowning in the delusion that the world can run on benevolent breezes, what makes members of the dwindling wind cult tick would leave the ghost of Sigmund Freud scratching his head.

Narcissism and nastiness mixed up with an amalgam of ignorance and stupidity make for an ugly model of the human condition. What they lack in common sense and human decency, they more than make up for with self-righteous certainty and lectern-thumping moralising bluff and bluster.

The template for eco-fascists is the same the world over: claim the moral high ground and denigrate, ridicule and vilify all those that stand in the way of their perfect World, a fantasy World that can, in their child-like minds…

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