Climate “Science” on Trial; How Does Ice Melt In Sub-Zero Temperatures?

CO2 is Life

polar-bear-sea-ice-snow-dark-clouds-open-mouth-hd-wallpaper-1600x1200One of my biggest complaints about how the climate change battle for the truth is being fought is that the real scientists, the climate realists don’t seem to understand, or are unwilling to accept that this isn’t a scientific argument, this is a political campaign. The climate alarmists have virtually unlimited government funded resources to draw upon, the real scientists, the climate realists, the people actually seeking the truth have virtually none. The government literally has a monopoly on the hiring of climate scientists and funding climate research. Only government or government funded entities collect and “adjust” the temperature data. The IPCC is the “Inter-GOVERNMENTAL Panel on Climate Change.”Anyone that decides to disagree with the “consensus,” can have serious consequences. The government didn’t hire these climate “scientists” to help define and understand the climate, they were hired to vilify CO2. Why? Because that is where the…

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