Climate “Expert” Bill Maher Demonstrates Failed Liberal Approach to Climate Change

CO2 is Life

In the above video liberal climate “expert” Bill Maher provides an example as to what average liberals rely on for their climate change education. Average liberals don’t take the time to actually learn the science, they rely upon scientific “experts” like Bill Nye, Al Gore, Michael Mann, late night comedians like Bill Maher, and Oscar the Grouch. Liberals tend to outsource their thinking to “experts,” and rely on others to tell them what to think. That is why the “consensus” and “polling” is such an effective tactic for liberals.

In the Bill Maher video, he makes unsubstantiated and nonsensical alarmist claims of  “Ocean Life Faces Mass Extinction,” but his most often repeated source of “evidence” is the claim that “out of 10,858 peer-reviewed articles only 2 rejected the claim of man-made climate change.” He repeated the claim so many times I stopped counting.

If that…

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How do climate models work?


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This is a climate model:

T = [(1-α)S/(4εσ)]1/4

(T is temperature, α is the albedo, S is the incoming solar radiation, ε is the emissivity, and σ is the Stefan-Boltzmann constant)

An extremely simplified climate model, that is. It’s one line long, and is at the heart of every computer model of global warming. Using basic thermodynamics, it calculates the temperature of the Earth based on incoming sunlight and the reflectivity of the surface. The model is zero-dimensional, treating the Earth as a point mass at a fixed time. It doesn’t consider the greenhouse effect, ocean currents, nutrient cycles, volcanoes, or pollution.

If you fix these deficiencies, the model becomes more and more complex. You have to derive many variables from physical laws, and use empirical data to approximate certain values. You have to repeat the calculations over and over for different parts of…

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