The Climate Yawns: Donald Trump is no more a planet wrecker than Barack Obama

Watts Up With That?

 (as measured to the third decimal).

Steve Heins writes:

While many people seemingly have forgotten that Clean Power Plan was a legalistic nightmare, I think it is important to remember the CPP was opposed by 31 states (out of 50) in court. Ultimately, it was a poorly-written, over-politicized document in search of a political cause.

Now that it is just another example of a failed federal over-reach, I wanted to make certain that the Clean Power Plan is not over-romanticized or eulogized.

When testifying in front of Congress, even Gina McCarthy admitted that the CPP had no measurable climate impact: one hundredth of a degree or so. Her major rationale was that CPP had some symbolic value.

If Trump is a planet wrecker, then so was Obama’s White House and McCarthy’s EPA.

The Climate Yawns

Donald Trump is no more a planet wrecker than Barack Obama (as measured to the third decimal).

By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr., Wall Street Journal, March 31, 2017…

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