The Problem with Climate Alarm Skeptics

Climate of Sophistry

The problem with most skeptics is that they’re not good enough skeptics.  They’ve done a good job and they’ve been a million times more rational than the alarmists – really no comparison here at all in rationality and intelligence level – but for some reason they’ve never gone for the kill and they’ve also adopted some of the silly pseudoscience of climate alarmism.  I won’t share names but this email thread below is from a group of very well-known prominent skeptics:

SkepticA: “You do not understand radiation.

Ordinary heat transfer is a transfer of mechanical energy. All substances above absolute zero possess energy in the form of molecular motion and vibration. It is their energy that constitutes heat and its amount is measured by temperature. Mechanical energy can only be transferred from a substance with higher energy o one with lower energy. This fact is the basis of the second…

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