Pen Hadow Hurrying South


By Paul Homewood


Strange goings on onboard Pen Hadow’s little expedition.

You may recall what he said when he announced on Aug 30th they were turning back south:

A meeting of the four skippers was held led by Erik de Jong, with Pen Hadow present, and it was agreed further northward progress would increase considerably the risks to the expedition, with very limited scientific reward. The decision to head south, back to an area of less concentrated sea ice in the vicinity of 79 degrees 30 minutes North, was made at 18.30 (Alaskan time).

But since they turned around, they have been travelling at a rate of knots well south of their intended stopping point, and are now at 78 degrees 05 minutes and still running at 5 knots.

Throughout the expedition, Hadow has stressed that the scientific aspects of the trip were just as important as…

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